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Terms & Conditions

Irish Business Websites Hosting Terms & Conditions

The following are Irish Business Websites Terms & Conditions, which will be applied at all times.

  1. Your use of this website means that you are bound to our terms of agreement.
  2. Irish Business Websites reserve the right to refuse a client on whatever reason we determine. Reasons can vary from illegal use of website to immoral use of website and website hosting account.
  3. All Domain Registrations and Hosting accounts are paid annually in advance with exception of the “Standard” hosting package which is paid Bi-Annually and in advance.
  4. Purchases and payments can be made securely online via our SSL website or alternatively via PayPal’s secure website, see our Privacy Policy. Alternative payments, such as cheque or bank transfer, can also be made. Choose the “Checkout” button at end of purchase to chose an alternative payment method other than online.
  5. Recurring Payment terms of invoices are 10 days. Failure to pay within the terms of invoice may result in loss of website. A charge of 45 Euro will be applied to invoice total in order to turn back on website and 10% will be added per month after the invoice terms of 10 days has been reached without payment received. The monthly late fee charge is added to invoice total at beginning of month.
  6. Irish Business Website will register your domain name for free. This is Free for one year. This domain name will need to be re registered every year with your Domain Name Registrars. Irish Business Websites Hosting will Re-Register your Domain Name on your behalf unless otherwise stated.
  7. The default WordPress website will be given with every cPanel Hosting account. For change of theme and content population then please see WordPress Website or contact us for price.
  8. You are responsible for your hosting account. You must maintain, or allocate a third party to maintain your website and hosting account to prevent any vulnerabilities that will allow hackers access. Inability to maintain your databases and PHP scripts will result in termination of your hosting account.
  9. All purchases of Hosting, Domain Name Registrations and SSL Certificates with Irish Business Websites are Non-Refundable